Our goal

SUNCERT aims to provide a practical and effective system to ensure to consumers, to sponsors and other stakeholders, that the evaluation tests of sun protection made by the approved organization comply with standards.


Sunscreen Certification

SUNCERT attests the compliance of sunscreen testing to standards through a rigorous audit of the quality system and used in vivo (ISO 24444, ISO 24442, FDA, JCIA...) and in vitro methods (ISO 24443, FDA , Boots...).


Sunscreen Service

One of our goal is to make sure that no-one is left behind the rapid changes in the sunscreen testing field. Therefore, beyond our main service based on the certification in the sun protection field, SUNCERT proposes complementary services.

Our history



Since its creation, SUNCERT devoted his energy and skills in order to contribute to the development of reliable assessment of sun protection which is an ethical obligation for consumer health.


An analysis

Founded by Sébastien Miksa, an expert in sun protection, the concept of sunscreen testing certification is a simple observation: the lack of official certification and impossibility for anyone to recognize the conformity of sunscreen assessment according to standards without control by a independent company and expert in this field.

The benefits of working with us



Formalization, homogenization & optimization of tests


Expertise comparison between laboratories


Reduce additional external audits


Improve the organization’s brand name



Assurance of reliability for all different solar actors


Tests in compliance with international standards


Security for companies and consumers


Additional information for each test

Latest news

Conference at Sunscreen Symposium 2017

SUNCERT will be presenting at the “Sunscreen Symposium” (Orlando, 14-16 September 2017) on the topic “Worst practices in sun protection testing solved by a sunscreen testing...

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SUNCERT is pleased to share with you our Suncert News n°5 of August 2017 concerning the following topics: Gradual confidence levels of standards compliance for reliable sunscreen testing results. Key words and abbreviations in sun protection field. Focus on South...

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They trust us

It would take a long time to present the exhaustive list of our clients but here are some examples of collaborations.

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