A label that limits the impact of sunscreen products on the marine world and corals

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Sunscreen products are both a public health issue to protect consumers from the harmful effects of the sun and a subject of environmental concern especially on the marine world and corals


An alarming fact

Today, we estimate that three-quarters of coral reefs, the real lungs of the oceans, are threatened, particularly because of global warming, pollution and destructive fishing. The disappearance of these marine forests, truly complex ecosystems, generates significant social, economic and environmental impacts around the world.

Awareness state

Beyond the well-known affirmation of the Sun Protection Factor (SPF), the UVA protection or even the Water Resistance claim, consumers concerned about the marine world and the corals preservation are at the same time looking for “Reef-safe” or “Reef-Friendly” claims on the packaging of their sunscreen products.


Our action

This is why SUNCERT is committed to an eco-friendly approach through the “SUNREEF” label. The objective is to certify sunscreen products which have a limited impact on the marine world and corals.

SUNREEF charter


Thus, to mention the « SUNREEF » label on its packaging, sunscreen products concerned by the preservation of the oceans shall fulfill conditions in terms of sun protection and composition.

Our commitment in the marine environmental protection


Beyond the theme of sunscreen products and to directly help the protection and regeneration of marine ecosystems, a part of SUNCERT benefits related to the “SUNREEF” labeling will be donated to associations supporting this approach.

Other associations/foundations may be added in future.

Who controls the respect of these guarantees to obtain this label?

As an independent sun protection certification organization, each sunscreen product is controlled by SUNCERT further to the request of the manufacturer.

During this control through the transmission of analysis reports and the chemical composition of the product (no test performed by SUNCERT), we check that everything is in compliance with the specifications of the label “SUNREEF” and we deliver a certificate stating that the label can be added to the product packaging.