Software adapted to the evaluation of the sun protection

Software simple and compliant to sun protection methods to support you and optimize your everyday life


The content of our software allows you to devote your time to your work rather than installation, programming , calculation or synchronization tasks.


Secure access to the system (username and password) and a connection history

Access rights to different applications according to the user

Easily export your data in PDF or Excel summarizing your results


User manual made available to fully utilize applications

Automatic transmission of information between SunData and SunTable (requires acquisition of both software)


Certificate of conformity of calculations with validation data


Exploitation of your sun protection data

SPF / UVAPF / Critical Wavelength / UVA:UVB RATIO
A simple and complete software to control your evaluation of the sun protection and to exploit your results.


  • You exploit your sunscreen results accurately and in compliance with standards.
  • You determine the statistical criteria to confirm the validity of your sun protection studies in relation to the reference systems.
  • You convert your data easily and access the elements used to calculate your values.
  • You visualize your data (graphics, acceptance criteria, results, etc.).

Calculation of UVAPF, Critical Wavelength and UVA:UVB ratio including correction factor, irradiation doses, validation criteria, etc. according to ISO 24443:2012, FDA monograph 2011 and Boots Star Rating System 2011.

Implementation of complementary plugins

  • Photostability (1 – 2 irradiation steps),
  • Comparison (curve, intrinsic variability and level of protection),
  • Percentage of Resistance (compatibility with water, sweat, sand, rub …),
  • In vitro SPF multi-substrate.

Manual entry (universal compatibility) or automatic import of your data:

  • Labsphere UV-2000S
  • PerkinElmer LAMBDA 365/650/850 UV/Vis

Integrated unit converter (mPF, Absorbance, %T, mW/cm², W/m², J/cm²...)


Traceability of your sun protection studies

Product / Result / Equipment / Report
A simple and comprehensive software to control your evaluation of sun protection.

  • You manage all your sunscreen test activity thanks to the traceability of your products, your results, your equipment and your contacts.
  • You follow your sun protection studies effectively by exporting to your Microsoft Outlook calendar.
  • You control your equipment in accordance with the sun protection test rules.
  • You publish reports very simply and securely via the Microsoft Word mail merge.

Traceability chart of your products, your results, your equipment and your contacts.


  • Comparison of in vivo SPF
  • Confidence to reach the SPF target
  • SPF in vivo veritas
  • UVI index relation to erythema
  • SPF label regulatory
  • UVA label regulatory

Calculation of control elements related to equipment (Spectrophotometer, Substrate, Solar Simulator, etc.) according to ISO 24443:2012, FDA monograph 2011 and Boots Star Rating System 2011.

Automatically add reminders to your Microsoft Outlook calendar


SunData and SunTable applications are available in French and English.

The software are compatible with all versions of Excel for Windows from Excel 2013 versions (xlsm format). The software is not compatible with Mac, LibreOffice/OpenOffice. Please ensure that your computer meets the following minimum system requirements: Minimum Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz CPU recommended – Minimum RAM 2 GB recommended – Minimum available disk space 100 MB – Windows 10, Windows 7 or Windows operating system Vista.