A label to protect consumers with certified UVB / UVA protection

Sun protection

Invisible to the naked eye (photo on the left), UV photography (photo on the right) allows sunscreen to appear on the right side of the face (your left) which absorbs ultraviolet light.

Credit : Spigget

UVB protection

The sunscreen product applied on the left allows delaying the appearance of a sunburn (erythema) due mainly to the UVB rays of the sun.

UVA protection


The right side of the driver’s face (your left) has been protected from UVA during part of his life, thus avoiding premature aging of the skin.

Crédit : New England Journal of Medicine

Reliable sun protection is a public health issue that effectively protects the consumer from the harmful effects of the sun


An alarming fact

The increase of the incidence and number of skin cancers in recent decades is strongly related to the exposure (and overexposure) to sunlight occurring in the context of outdoor and leisure activities, increasingly popular. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), excessive exposure to solar UV radiations has caused more than 60,000 premature deaths in the year 2000.

Awareness state

Beyond the sunscreen regulation in force, some products are more effective against UVB and UVA rays. Knowing that consumers concerned about their UV protection are looking for a reliable sunscreen product, it was necessary to challenge the evaluation of UVB – UVA protection and to provide more effective minimum levels of protection.


Our action

This is why SUNCERT is committed to a responsible approach through the “SUNSKIN” label. The objective is to certify the sun protection of a cosmetic product whose evaluation is in conformity with the standards in force and with more rigorous criteria.

SUNSKIN charter

Thus, to mention the “SUNSKIN” label on its packaging, sunscreen products whose UVB / UVA protection is certified shall fulfill conditions in terms of sun protection and chemical composition.

Our commitment to sun protection

Beyond the certification of sunscreen products and to directly help the promotion of sun protection prevention, a part of the benefits of SUNCERT related to the labeling “SUNSKIN” will be donated to associations supporting this approach.

Other associations/foundations may be added in future.

Who controls the respect of these guarantees to obtain this label?

As an independent sun protection certification organization, each sunscreen product is controlled by SUNCERT further to the request of the manufacturer.

During this control through the transmission of analysis reports and the chemical composition of the product (no test performed by SUNCERT), we check that everything is in compliance with the specifications of the labelSUNSKIN” and we deliver a certificate stating that the label can be added to the product packaging.