Confidence percentage to reach the target SPF label


The Challenge

During development of a sunscreen product, estimating the probability of reaching the target SPF value during the in vivo screening phase on a small number of volunteers is often difficult and we do not have an objective tool to take a decision.

The Solution

From the first results of in vivo SPF obtained and a statistical approach [1], this tool helps you to determine if it is necessary to continue the evaluation of SPF in vivo on new volunteers (in order to reach the minimum number of valid volunteers) or it is more appropriate to close this project.

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[1] M. Pissavini, O. Doucet and O. Brack, Interpretation of SPF in vivo Results: Analysis and Statistical Explanation, Cosm & Toil 126(3) 172-184 (March 2011).
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* The security option increases the percentage of error to reach the target SPF without statistical analysis behind.