Certification of laboratories performing sun protection assessment

In order to ensure the reliability of the sun protection values, SUNCERT certifies that the standardized in vivo and in vitro methods used by the laboratories comply with the standards in force.

Standardized methods for sun protection assessment

Several values are generally used to claim the sun protection of a cosmetic product through the Sun Protection Factor (SPF), the UVAPF (UVA Protection Factor), the Critical Wavelength (CW), the Water Resistance (WR), etc.

The evaluation of these claims requires the use of in vivo methods (directly on the human skin) and/or in vitro (without direct irradiation on human skin), the strict respect of which ensures reproducibility.

SPF in vivo
  • ISO 24444:2019/Amd 1:2022
  • FDA monograph 2011
UVA in vitro
  • ISO 24443:2022
  • FDA monograph 2011
  • Boots Star Rating System 2011
UVA in vivo
  • ISO 24442:2022
Water Resistance in vivo
  • ISO 16217:2020 & ISO 18861:2020
  • Colipa 2005
  • FDA monograph 2011

Inspected items during solar audit

Before issuing SUNCERT certification, a rigorous process is applied through a quality system audit and an audit of sun protection evaluation methods. Thus, the general aspects allow to verify that the laboratory performing the sunscreen tests has an operational quality environment whereas the technical aspects allow to ensure that the standardized methods are respected.

Yearly audits complete the 3-year cyclical process with an initial full audit. Any general or technical nonconformities, minor or major, documentary or applicative lead to requests for corrective and/or preventive actions.

Many elements will be audited and determine the accuracy and reliability of the tests performed by a laboratory.

Quality system








Steps of laboratory certification


Discover below a summary of the steps to access the certification of your laboratory.

  1. Reading the SUNCERT-PRO document,
  2. Contact with SUNCERT,
  3. Setting up the SUNCERT-CONTRACT,
  4. Off-site documentary audit,
  5. Edition of an Acceptability report,
  6. General and technical on-site audit
  7. Audit report sent to the Certification Committee,
  8. Vote and deliberation,
  9. In case of a positive result, delivrance of SUNCERT certification.




Improve the brand image of your organization regarding to competitors and should increase the interest of new customers



Assurance of compliance of sunscreen test with different international standards reducing external audits by customers



Formalization, homogenization and optimization of sunscreen tests and the quality system

Additional information for the certification of a laboratory

The SUNCERT-PRO document available on request shows the SUNCERT certification procedure.

List of certified companies

The list here below shown the different sunscreen testing certified companies with relevant information (certificate number, initial date, validity date, scope, etc.).

List of sunscreen testing certified companies