Wood lamp

Wood lamp Ultraviolet light lamp (long-wave UV-A light 340-450 nm, Max. 365 nm) for skin diagnose and analysis during in vivo sun protection method.

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– Lightweight and very compact device
– Particularly robust design
– Low energy consumption
– Glare-free glass lens
– With diagnostic aid and cuff for examinations without external light source
– With instructions for use, bag and light bulb


– Focal length: 20 cm.
– Dimensions: 151 x 177 mm.
– Body made of shock-resistant ABS plastic.
– Lens: 4 diopters (50 x 100 mm). Glare-free. Constant light temperature.
– Connection voltage: 220V to 240V / 50Hz/60Hz.
– Rated power: 22W
– Net weight (kg): 0,9
– Connection cable: 1.5 m with grounded plug.
– Color: White.
– Net weight: 2.4 kg (with ballast).
– Lamp: 4x UV lamps à 4W (Wood light – cold light).
– Lamp protection: UV transparent. Including sunshade cover.
– Glass Size: 50 x 100 mm


This Wood Lamp complies with the following requirements:
1. RoHS Directive on the protection of the environment from July 2006
2. Conditions set out in the Low Voltage Directive: 2006/95/EC
3. Conditions set out in the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive: 2004/108/EC

– The treatment should be performed in a dark room.
– Healthy skin on the head and hair under the Wood lamp should appear white and grey-purple.